Operations Changes

Operations Changes

During the 2017 Waterfront Festival, there will be some changes to Operations hours as follows:

Travelift – closes noon 6/2/2017 until 9am 6/05/2017. Boats in boatyard will not be able to drop-in to water until 6/05/17.
Public launch – closes noon 6/2/17 until 6/5/17 at 7am.
Festival Area Parking Lots – will be posted with “No parking” signs for 5/30/17 – 6/04/17.
Guest Moorage is reserved from noon 6/02/17 to noon 6/05/17 for the Classic Yachts.
The Port will try to accommodate guest boats in loan-a-slips, while the Classic Yachts are moored for the Festival.


Rotary will provide load/unload parking & service to port moorage holders. A golf cart shuttle service will be provided by Edmonds Rotary and stationed near the Marina Operations office so that moorage customers can drive up in their cars, unload their stuff, hop into the golf cart, and be driven to the top of their dock.


Parking map and details here


Learn more about the Waterfront Festival at http://www.edmondswaterfrontfestival.org/