Fuel Dock


Easy Access! Our fuel dock is conveniently located just inside the breakwater – a starboard turn and the fuel dock is on your port side. We monitor VHF 69 and can offer assistance with docking.

We offer competitive fuel prices, as well as tenant discounts for fuel purchases.
The Port of Edmonds is a Marine 4 Fueling Facility and sells fuel for marine related purposes only.

Diesel fuel will be unavailable on Wednesday, April 25th from 7am to 6pm for scheduled maintenance and turbine improvements. This will affect dispensers #1, #2 and #8 for the day.
Unleaded fuel sales will be unaffected and available.

Notice regarding Fuel Card Agreements

Fuel prices at closing April 24, 2018


Enjoy the benefits of being a tenant at the Port of Edmonds!


Fuel Card Discount

Tenants may receive a Port fuel card upon completion of a training session with Port staff, which allows them access to 24-hour fueling privileges, and a $0.10 per gallon discount.  Call the Marina Operations office to schedule your training.


Fuel Quantity Rewards

SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS!  Tenants can earn a certificate for one free day in the boatyard for every 150 gallons of fuel purchased within the past 12 month period. Submit your receipts along with a completed Tenant Fuel Rewards Program Form to the Administration office. Within 10 business days of receipt the Port will verify eligibility and will mail a service coupon valid for one lay day in the boatyard for every 150 gallons of fuel purchases.


Tenant Fuel Rewards Program Form

 Download Form

  • Chevron: 2 cycle quarts, $7.00 per quart
  • Shell: 2 cycle quarts, $29.00 per gallon
  • Chevron: SAE 10W40, $5.25 per quart
  • Chevron: SAE 10W30, $5.25 per quart
  • Chevron: Auto Transmission Fluid, $5.25 per quart
  • Chevron: SAE 30, $5.25 per quart
  • Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer, $10.25

Prices may change without notice. Call for current prices.

Port of Edmonds does not carry unleaded or diesel fuel additives. The fuel that we dispense for both unleaded and diesel contains a Valvtect additive.

Washington State will refund unleaded fuel tax only. Print off and complete the application form, and return by fax to 360-570-7843 or by mail to the address listed on the form. Upon receipt of your application, the Fuel Tax Exempt Unit will set up a refund permit account and send you a “Claim for Refunds of Fuel Tax” form. Return this completed form with your fuel invoices up to 13 months old, as determined by the postmark. A refund check will be sent to you, along with a new claim form for future use. If you have questions, please call the Fuel Tax Exempt Unit at 360-664-1838.


Application for Fuel Tax Refund Permit Account

 Application Form

On June 28th, 2016 the Port of Edmonds began selling non-ethanol fuel at our fuel dock.  This change was made in response to customer Fuel Survey results here.  If you have any questions regarding non-ethanol fuel, please contact the Marina Operations office at 425-775-4588.

Please note: The Port of Edmonds is a Marine 4 Fueling Facility and sells fuel for marine related purposes only.