Environmental Resources

A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship and Innovation


Port of Edmonds Environmental Policy


The Port is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment and natural resources of the community we serve. To
this end, we have developed and follow boatyard BMPs, boatyard and pressure wash facilities wastewater treatment, and
stormwater filtration and quality improvement protocols that meet or exceed requirements for discharge to receiving water,
including the Puget Sound waterfront and Edmonds Marsh.


We are also committed to reducing solid and contaminated waste streams generated at the Port through a robust recycling
program, strict protocols for managing solid and petroleum wastes, and best management practices in our marina, at our
boat pressure wash facility, boat maintenance yard and dry stack storage facility.


We are committed to exploring and implementing reasonable additional protocols and approaches to environmental
protection to the extent allowed by the regulations that govern public ports, with the goal of continuous improvement
relative to environmental protection, best management practices, technical advancements, and reducing the Port’s impact to
the environment, including air, water, and natural resources.


Environmental protection is and will always be a core value of the Port of Edmonds.


The environmental protection protocols, regulatory compliance procedures, and best environmental management practices
contained in the Port’s Environmental Manual that comprises the remainder of this document will be periodically reviewed
and evaluated to assess their effectiveness in allowing the Port to comply with or exceed regulatory requirements and the
Port’s self-imposed higher standards of environmental protection.

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Port Staff can help you dispose of up to 5 gallons of the following items:

  • Gasoline
  • Antifreeze
  • Oil & Water Mix
  • Waste Oil
  • Oil Filters

  • Paint Sandings
  • Batteries
  • Zincs
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Miscellaneous loose pack items

Port staff can help you dispose of oily bilge water. This can be disposed of in the yellow bilge water container located near the oil recycling building in the boatyard. Please be aware that anti-freeze contaminates bilge water. Port staff can help you dispose of up to 5 gallons of contaminated bilge water.