Dry Storage

The Port’s dry storage facility has over 230 spaces, with call-ahead launch service, a daily round trip launch, wash-down area, variable seasonal rates and hours, and tenant rewards. Call us at 425-673-2015 or 206-940-1348 to schedule a time to signup.

Port of Edmonds Dry Storage
Port of Edmonds Dry Storage

Space available for power boats ranging in size from 18 – 32ft LOA. Some trailer space is available for tenants.
Please contact us at 425-673-2015 or 206-940-1348 for details on signing up.

Tenants may call 206-940-1348 and request same day move to the wash-down area, or same or next day move to the water. Phone requests will be honored within one hour of the call, and must be made by 3:00pm daily.


Boats placed in the water pre-launch area for “next day use” must leave the dock by 7:00am.

Dry Storage tenants may wash their boats, flush the engines and minor detailing and repairs may be made in the wash down area.


Best Management Practices do apply, including no spillage of contaminants onto the ground, no pressure washing, and boats must be cleaned under the “no-suds” policy.

Your boat may stay in the water two nights between Monday and Sunday each week (the first night is free, the second night guest moorage fees apply).


To be in compliance with Washington state law and Port regulations, it is important that you update your boat insurance to reflect the following:

  • General liability *minimum amount of $500,000
  • Legal liability *minimum amount of $500,000
  • Pollution liability  *minimum amount of $500,000
  • Port listed as an additional insured by endorsement.

For additional information please see the Port Rules & Regulations  Section 4.3 Liability Insurance.

During Summer months, the tide will drop to extreme levels, which impact the usage of the launch. Typically service is only affected 1.5 hours before and after a low tide. Please call to confirm the status of the dry storage launch and if service has been impacted by low tides at 206-940-1348.

Summer Low Tide Alerts

MAY 2017
25th -2.5 11:12am
26th -3.2 11:56am
27th -3.4 12:43pm
28th -3.2 1:31pm
29th -2.5 2:21pm

JUNE 2017
23rd -3.2 10:52am
24th -3.6 11:38am
25th -3.6 12:25pm
26th -3.1 1:13pm

JULY 2017
22nd -2.9 10:36am
23rd -3.1 11:23am
24th -2.8 12:09pm